Tuesday, May 28, 2013

GeoWoodstock XI: Florida Wildlife

Last weekend while I was in Florida for +GeoWoodstock, I arrived at the event early so I could hike the trails before the crowds arrived.

I did this for two reasons: to find some caches on my own, and to get some shots of some of the wildlife.

Gators seem to be old-hat to the native Floridians, but I have never seen a gator outside of a zoo, so I was anxious to get a wild one in the viewfinder of my camera. I was not disappointed.

What did disapoint me was that  I only have a simple point-and-shoot camera with 5x zoom, so this is the best of many shots I took.  Most animals were too far away to get decent shots.  This does remind me that I need to talk my wife into letting me get a better camera with bigger glass - oh sweetie!... :)

For now, this is the best shots of the Florida wildlife that I saw around Lake Parker Park, and Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland FL.