Sunday, January 15, 2023

Shop Notes: 2023-01-15 - 3D Cabinet lights

My current project involves 3D printing, which broke my printer. As a result, I am in a waiting mode while I wait for the 3D printer to arrive, which should be tomorrow. 

So I spent the weekend relaxing, and napping on couches (creativity requires energy so this weekends project is to store up some energy - a clever way to justify lots of naps, eh?).

I did do a little bit of shop improvements tho.  When I build the cabinet my 3D resin printer resides in I installed a couple small battery powered lights.  They provided a fair amount of light,  but the batteries lasted no where near as long as I expected.  As a result its been dark for a couple months, and I've been depending on the ambient light in the room to see what I'm doing.

I decided to change that by installing a Crafstman workbench light.  It is basically a strip light, but in includes a couple USB ports, which will be handy when I need to record prints for my YouTube channel. I mounted then to the roof of the cabinet.

The lights do make a massive difference, as you can see from this before and after photo: