Monday, January 20, 2014

Winding Stairs Mountain

Today, January 20th, despite being the middle of winter, it was 65f and sunny.  It was way to nice to spend inside - really the most perfect geocaching weather money can buy.

So you would think, naturally, that I spent the day geocaching... but there is a catch.  I am on call for work, which means I need to stay near a good cell signal so I can log in to the office should things break.  Problem is all of the good geocaching areas around here are in the mountains where cell signal is more of a theoretical concept than an actual fact.

The up side is that my on-call shift ended at 3pm, so I just had to wait out the clock.  So I filled my morning by taking the Geovan of Destiny to the mechanics (new brakes!), cleaning my shop, cleaning up my garden from last years harvest, and other annoyingly productive things... waiting for 3pm to roll around.

At the magic hour I turned off the pager and headed out the door with my trusty geo-dog, Bailey.  My destination was up in the nearby mountains.   I  ended up at Winding Stairs Mountain to do a multi cache.

The first stage was in the parking lot.  The second was up the mountain.  So after getting the coords for the final stage, I headed down the trail.

Rather up the trail.  The trail was only about 3/4 of a mile long, but there is a 600ft elevation gain along the way.  It was a bit grueling at times, but eventually (with the help of raw determination, a sense of adventure, and gatorade), we made it to the top.
Just a hop skip and a jump over a log and we made it to some wonderful views.
The trees were thick so the views were looking through trunks.  I am glad I made this hike in the winter as the leaves of the summer would make this view basically a green wall.
Once at the top we sniffed out the cache then headed back down the trails to the Geovan of Destiny.
So I had 2 hours of awesome weather enjoyment while engaging in concealed aboreal tupperware location activities so it ended up being a decent day (not to mention I have a clean shop, functional van, etc.).  Not bad for a winters day in January.