Sunday, September 14, 2014

John's River Kids Cache

This weekend, while my wife was away at a Quilt Guild retreat in the mountains, I played the part of "Single Dad".

Last week a new cache was published about 10 miles away that was designed for kids.

So after church I strapped the kids into their car seats in the Geovan of Destiny, and drove over to the cache.  Note that this involved strategic dressing for both church and the trails.

Zeke has been anxious to go geocaching again for awhile now, so he was excited to get out of the car.  Abigail... wasn't.  So I ended up carrying her the 500ft to GZ.

They say the first step is the hardest.  This was true today as the first steps were up a steep hill
Once at GZ Zeke made the find quickly.  Abigail started getting into the swing of things when she started looking into the contents of the cache.
Abigail walked all the way back to the Geovan of Destiny all on her own (with a small assist by daddy over the fallen log).  She really embraced the idea of being brave like her big brother.

It was on the way back that I realized that dressing my daughter in a pattern naturally selected to be good camouflage may not have been a brilliant idea.
When we got back to the big hill both kids were in the adventuring spirit, and it became a play ground for a few minutes.
So with smileys all around, we packed up and headed off to grab some lunch. Another fun geocaching adventure in the books.