Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Saturday At The Zoo: Lion's Pride Edition

Yesterday I took the family over to the North Carolina Zoo to both entertain the kid (and ourselves) and to test out my new camera.

We lucked out and got a very photogenic lioness and her cubs.  I took a mess of photos of them, so I decided to share several of the better ones all at once in their own post.

If you want to see pics of the other animals feel free, click here.

 As mentioned the lions in this zoo are prideful parents of a flock of baby lions.  

The cubs are named Savanna, Lololi, Khari, and Kirabo.  I am not sure which one is which, or really how old they are.  Actually, you will find that this post is almost completely devoid of any useful information of any kind.  

So lets dig in and look at some photos.
It has been an eventful date, and it is getting quite late.  So one more yawn...

... and its time to end.

In parting, remember that if you are in the company of a friend, and being chased by a lioness, you do not have to outrun the lioness.  You only have to out run your friend (hint: sweep their leg).

See you next time!