Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Camera

I have only ever owned point and shoot cameras.  While I have had good success with my current compact camera, it was getting time for an upgrade.

That upgrade comes in the form of a Sony Alpha A6000.

The full specs and camera details can be found here, however for the non-camera geeks the salient detail is that the camera promises DSLR level quality. However, it uses electronics instead of mirrors so it is in a slightly more compact form factor.

I bought the camera in a kit, which came with a bunch of goodies like extra batteries, travel tripod, lens filters, and two lenses:  a 16-50mm standard lens, and a 55-210mm telephoto lens. The telephoto lens really interests me as it allows me to take much better nature shots.  The following photo has the same shot taken from the exact same spot.  On the left is the max optical zoom from my old camera (a Canon S100), and the new is maximum zoom from the telephoto lens on the A6000.

I've already given this camera a workout by taking it to the NC Zoo last Saturday (pics here and here).

I am still working on learning this new camera - a process that will likely take months, but so far, its promising to be a valuable addition to my arsenal of tools used to capture my adventures.