Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Personal Geocaching Map

A few months ago I discovered that a geocacher by the name of Cajun Abear makes these awesome custom maps based on ones geocaching history.  I contacted him about making my own map to celebrate my 4000th find milesone, and he just put the finishing touches on it last night.

This is, honestly, one of the coolest geocaching souvenirs I've ever heard of, let alone got my hands on.

Here is that map (click to see an larger version):

As you can see it has an incredible amount of detail about my caching career, including:

- Mega events I've attended.

- My extreme caches (farthest north/south/east/west, 5/5's, highest/lowest elevations).

- Milestones

- Delorme challenges.

- First to find of each cache type.

- Most number of cache types found in the same day.

- My three largest geocaching road trips (my personal favourite panel)

The cool thing is that these maps are made for free, tho a small donation to help pay for his software is requested.  He just does it for the love of making maps, and to give back to the geocaching community.

If you would like to get your own map, you can start here:

The generated map is large enough for an 18x14in print, so I am going to find a place to get this printed off.  It is going to look awesome on my office wall.