Friday, June 12, 2015

Scenes From Lucerne

Lucerne is a beautiful city.  I only had a few hours to explore her streets, but I came away impressed, and with a lot of photos.

There were some highlights for sure - the Museggmauer was incredible, and the Kapellbrücke was beautiful.  There are a lot of other incredible sights and sounds among her streets tho, like the Kapellbrücke's sister bridge,  the Spreuerbrücke:
One thing that really struck me about Swiss architecture is how intricately and uniquely they decorate their buildings.  Something I wish we did more of in North America.  Lucerne has some great examples of this.
Here are a few more examples.
This lady is just hanging out on the corner of a building.
Interesting figures painted on the side of a house.
Having the Alps always within view of the city is definitely a highlight.
It would not be a European city without a superfluous castle somewhere in the vicinity.  Lucerne's is hanging out on a hill overlooking the city
The shoreline of Lucerne is also picturesque, and shows off the other thing that all European cities require: oversized churches. This one overlooks the beautiful Lake Lucerne.
See what I mean?
Thus concludes my visit to Lucerne.  Thanks for tagging along!