Monday, June 15, 2020

Behind The Scenes: Toilet Paper

For the 28th round of the Photography Scavenger Hunt I decided to put myself on a purchasing diet and only use props I already owned, or I made myself. This has led to some interesting design decisions.

This is a behind the scenes look at one of those images, for the word "toilet paper."

I wracked my brain for a concept I was happy with.  I pride myself on having unique ideas for my entries in the hunt (at which I am largely successful), but I couldn't think of anything for toilet paper that hit the magic sweet spot of "unique" and "tickles my creative urges". 

Then in a flash of inspiration one day as I was walking up from a long nights slumber I thought "I wonder if they make paper toilets". 

Turns out they don't make em, but there are plans online to make one of my own.  I decided to make that my concept:  making my own paper toilet...

.. and by me, I mean Deadpool ('natch).

This is my final image:
I started by downloading those plans for a paper model of a toilet, printed them on cardstock, and started assembling them.

[not pictured: me assembling the model.  Picture in your head the image of me smacking my forehead and exclaiming "doh!"]

The rest of the image is really just posing Deadpool assembling the model, with some of the detritus from my own attempts at assembling the model toilet.  At the last minute I decided to add a crack in the bottom that was leaking glue (cause leaking toilets are funnier than non-leaking ones).  I put a popsicle stick in Deadpool's hand to make sure it stayed open:
I did the glue falling in two stages.  First was to get the falling stream of glue:
Then I took a photo of the bottle itself.  Doing it in two parts just made the merging easier, and the bottle to fit into Deadpools hand better.
Finishing off the piece was just compositing in the glue bits to the image, then doing some basic colour grading and lens spot cleanup.  The typical photo post-processing gig.

I am happy to say that this image was indeed unique among the hunt entries.  Win!